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Different room to buy Lamps

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Housing decoration lamp selection is not simply the pursuit of light and bright, but the pursuit of enjoyment; not only meet the number of lights, but also to consider the quality of lighting; not only to consider the scientific and reasonable, but also consider the lighting color effect on psychological; light selection is not only a science, but an art.
Light reflecting Huatang -- living room lighting
The living room with a bright chandelier or Xidingdeng generous as the main light, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting, such as wall lamp, down light, lamp etc.. On the main lighting, if the living room storey living room over more than 3.5m, can use high grade, size or slightly larger chandelier ceiling: if the story is about 3M, to use the mid-range luxury chandeliers: story in 2.5m below, should use the mid-range of decorative ceiling or not the main lights.
Another independent lamp or landing lights on the far end of the couch, so that no direct light scattering in the sitting area, for conversation or browsing books. Can also be placed in proper position of chic style wall lamp, wall to make brilliance.
Light warm people's hearts -- focus restaurant lighting family restaurant lighting decoration is of course meal
Table. Lighting chandelier hanging generally available, in order to achieve the effect, chandeliers can not be installed too high, can be in the meal's eye level. Rectangular table, the installation of two long oval pendant or chandelier, pendant lamp to light and dark regulator and the lifting function, so that double as other work with Chinese food, pay attention to color, smell and taste, shape, often need to warm colors bright, and enjoy Western-style food, if the darker light softer, you can to create a romantic atmosphere.
Light see house -- study lighting
Study of the environment should be quiet and elegant, concise and lively. The light is best from the left shoulder by irradiation or at the front desk, desk lamp, the installation of high brightness not dazzling. The desk lamp of special study, artistic lamps should be used, such as rotating wall lamp or light art lamp, so that direct exposure to light on the desk. Generally do not need full light, for easy retrieval based on hidden in the bookcase lights.
If a multi-purpose room of the "study", to use the semi closed, opaque metal working lamp, light can be focused to the desktop, not only to meet the needs of operating plane, and does not affect the other indoor activities. If the reading on the chair, the sofa, the best use can adjust the direction and the height of the floor lamp.
The dream shadow -- bedroom lighting lighting
The bedroom is sleep room, requires a good privacy. Soft light requirements, should not barbed eyes, to make it easier for people to enter the sleep state. And dress makeup need uniform bright light.
Can choose to absorb dome light light is not strong as basic lighting, placed in the middle wall and ceiling; the mirror side can install wall lamp; bedside with bedside lamp, besides the common desk lamp, metal lamp base is fixed in the modern bed by the board of adjustable head angle, beautiful and practical.