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LED lighting market comprehensive opening the next 3-4 years is the golden period of development

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The world's major countries of policy support as well as the decline of LED cost, the outbreak will trigger LED general lighting market. While the LED lighting market is a billion level market, is expected to make the industry to maintain the wave of 3-4 year cycle opportunity.
The downstream LED lighting applications including the backlight, landscape display, general lighting (lighting, commercial lighting, lighting civilian) etc.. General lighting, including residents, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, outdoor, industrial, agricultural and other lighting. General lighting market is huge, according to McKinsey consulting, market of global lighting products in 2011 was $95000000000, by 2020 will grow to $130000000000, while the largest share in the lighting market is the general lighting, amounted to $71000000000 in 2011, and predicted until 2020, general lighting market will have 3~6% compound growth rate growth.
According to McKinsey consulting data, the permeability of LED in general lighting in 2011 for 12%, 2016 will reach 43% in 2020, permeability, permeability of 64%, we can calculate, in 2011 LED general lighting market size of about $8500000000, by 2016 the figure was $40000000000 (about 200000000000 yuan) or so, 2020 will be the about $69000000000 of the super market. LED in general lighting market penetration is still low, LED also has tremendous room for growth in the general lighting market, the next 3-4 years will be LED permeability in the lighting market is the fastest rise in the golden period of development.